Music Introduction

Music is a universal language and a powerful means of communication; it enriches lives, unites nations and builds bridges between different cultures. Synonymous with community and sharing, it strengthens society, aids development and provides an outlet for cultural and creative expression. For thousands of years music has been used to share emotions, tell stories and preserve history for future generations. In recognition of music’s myriad powers, the Music Commission is supporting the development of a thriving music sector that reflects the Kingdom’s cultural diversity, nurtures the next generation of Saudi talent and invokes a feeling of national pride.

About the Music Commission

The Music Commission was established in February 2020 as one of the Ministry of Culture’s...


We envision a future where our Nation will be known by its sound, where the power of music…

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The Music Commission aims to champion the music sector in Saudi Arabia, fostering it as an art,…

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Universal access to music education regardless of age, skill and background.

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Saudi Arabia issues licenses for two music training institutes

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