About the Commission:

The Music Commission has been established on February 2020. The Commission is working on establishing an infrastructure for music culture in the Kingdom, which will contribute to enabling everyone to have the opportunity to learn music, including children with special needs. Our Commission will also aim to discover, develop and empower musical talents and seek to raise awareness of music culture in society. In addition, it will establish a sector that contributes to the local economy by creating job opportunities for both genders, as well as producing and governing cultural live performances, music recordings and centers for amateur music education. Furthermore, the Commission will work to revive and document Saudi folklore and music performances to develop patriotic feelings and establish the musical cultural identity of the Kingdom and disseminate it regionally and internationally, besides emphasizing its leading position in the Arab and Islamic world to include musical cultural awareness within the requirements of quality of life. Our slogan is “Music for All” and together, we will build a distinguished music sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



We envision a future where our Nation will be known by its sound, where the power of music inspires confidence and trust, binding our people together, as we take pride in our heritage and faith in our future, where our voice will resonate in the world as a bridge across cultures.


The Music Commission will champion music in Saudi Arabia, fostering it as art, culture, science and entertainment by providing access to musical education for everyone independently of age, skill and background. Nurturing a regional music production hub, driving socio-economic impact and attracting local and international talent. In addition to providing broad access to local and international performances and ensuring a wide distribution of artists' works, to elevate music as an integral part of people's lifestyle, a fulfilling career, and a national pride and heritage locally and internationally. Ensuring world-class protection of music professionals' creativity, driving the highest quality standards and enabling renumeration across the ecosystem.





The Chief Executive Officer of the Music Commission at the Ministry of Culture is Mohammed Al-Mulhim, who holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from the College of Industrial Management at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals. He held senior positions in international companies such as Unilever and Pepsi. Since 2004, and for a duration of 10 years, he joined MBC Group and contributed to setting strategies that accelerated the transformation into an integrated media group. He later held the position of General Manager of the Group for Radio, Music and Business Development.


Message from the CEO

"Through music, our voices echo widely across the world to unite our people and be a bridge for cultures."

In the Music Commission, our goal is to be the first enabler of the sector in the Kingdom and to nurture it as an art, culture, discipline and entertainment. This is done by providing educational opportunities for all ages, adults and youth. We also work to support the musical production process in all its forms and the distribution of musical performances, as well as protect the intellectual property rights of musical artists’ works. Our biggest goal is to elevate the status of music as a part of the individual's lifestyle, to become a means through which we take pride in our country, culture, and heritage at the local and global levels.

The Music Commission will have a clear "Champion" role to support the music sector in the Kingdom, building on the strategic pillars that make up the sector:

In Education:

- Define and promote musical parenting guidelines, draft syllabus for music education and scout for private sector operators

- Draft syllabus and monitor adoption jointly with MoE - Develop music programs/ degrees (incl. syllabus, faculty requirements), set up and manage ethno-musicology research institute

- Set up and manage professional institutions and design upskilling programs for education workforce

- Develop plan for setup of amateur institutions and scout for private sector operators



In Advocacy:

- Draft content for local and int'l awareness campaigns and partner with media channels for release, establish central online repository for local musicians, promote KSA on international scene as emerging regional hub

- Organize music competitions for different music genres & skill levels and scout for private sector operators.

- Collaborate with international music associations and other music commissions from abroad to establish a regional music council for the Arab League

In Production:

- Create spaces and venues for artists, amateurs and professionals to compose, directly support composers with access to materials / instruments

- Define guidelines to provide rehearsal opportunities in public schools; establish partnerships / off-take agreements with instrument manufacturers / distributors

- Develop partnerships with int'l private recording studios, provide equipment to qualified Saudi studios at favorable conditions




In Licensing:


- Help registration of local artists' work through channeling them through SAIP registration process, collaborate with SAIP to promote copyright and educate musicians about their rights

- For education: develop and approve requirements for licenses, e.g., quality standards in music schools

- For production/performance/distribution: define the quality standards and facilitate licensing process for selected businesses and professions, e.g. recording studios and sound engineers

In Performance delivery & Distribution:

- Schedule and organize music performances across Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (incl. Saudi ethnic music) and define annual content calendar with GEA1

- Set up Saudi national band, Saudi national orchestra, Saudi Youth Symphony Orchestra and Youth Choir and define their annual content calendar with private stakeholders, e.g., stage operators

- Fund talented Saudi artists to help them record their compositions and develop partnerships with distribution channels to help artists release their work