Here we give culture a form, a color, and a material dimension through initiatives and activities that enrich our culture and expand horizons.

National Music Ensemble

Believing in the importance of music and its role in shaping and spreading peoples' culture; The National Music Band was established as one of the main initiatives to achieve the Kingdom’s cultural strategy in promoting cultural awareness as a way of life, in line with the Kingdom’s vision 2030. The National Music Ensemble initiative is the seventh of the package of cultural initiatives announced on the Ministry of Culture platform, which aims to form A highly skilled, professional national orchestral band to play behind the most famous Saudi and Arab artists in high-level forums.

The National Folklore Competition:

The National Folklore Competition is meant to aid the intangible national heritage through encouraging all community members to document the national Folklore treasures in Saudi in the following tracks; Folk Dance, Folk Music, Folktales and Legends


In line with its belief that talented individuals are the cornerstone of a developed and thriving music sector, the Music Commission is launching The Virtual Training Program 'San'ah' to support local talent and enhance the production of musical content. The virtual program is part of the Ministry’s efforts to develop the music sector and support individuals and institutions in the field.