Mohammed Al Mulhem, CEO of Music Commission holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from the College of Industrial Management at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals. Throughout his career he has held senior positions in a number of major international companies including Unilever and Pepsi. He joined MBC Group and worked on supporting the company’s strategic transformation into an integrated media group, most recently serving as the Group’s General Manager for Radio, Music and Business Development.

Message from the CEO

"Music enables our voices to echo widely across the world, serving as a uniting force and a bridge of cultural understanding. "

"At the Music Commission, our goal is to be the first enabler of the Kingdom’s music sector by nurturing it as an art, culture, discipline and entertainment. To do this, we will ensure universal access to music education for all, regardless of age or gender. We will also work to support the Kingdom’s musical production and distribution ecosystem, as well as protecting the intellectual property rights of Saudi musical talents. Our overarching goal is to elevate the status of music as part of our collective lifestyle and as something through which we are able to take pride in our country, culture and heritage, both locally and internationally."

Mohammed Al Mulhem

CEO of the Music Commission