About the Commission

The Music Commission was established in February 2020 as one of the Ministry of Culture’s 11 sector-specific Commissions. The Commission is overseeing the development of a music sector that provides non-discriminatory access to music education, empowers musical talent and contributes to the local economy. It aims to increase the economic contribution of the music sector through job creation, sector regulation and by building world-class infrastructure. The Commission hopes to discover, develop and empower musical talent by raising awareness of the Kingdom’s rich musical heritage, in turn elevating its musical identity both within the region and beyond.


The Music Commission aims to champion the music sector in Saudi Arabia, fostering it as an art, a culture, a science and a means of entertainment. This will be achieved through the promotion of five pillars: Music Education, Music Production, Music Shows and Performances, Advocacy, and Licensing.


We envision a future where our Nation will be known by its sound, where the power of music inspires confidence and trust, binding our people together, proud of our heritage and faithful in our future and where our voice will resonate in the world as a bridge across cultures

Strategic Objectives:

  • In Education:Universal access to music education regardless of age, skill and background.

  • In Production:Nurturing a regional music production hub, driving socio-economic impact and attracting local and international talent.

  • In Performance, Publication & Distribution:Providing broad access to local and international performances and ensuring the wide distribution of local artists’ work.

  • In Advocacy:Elevating music as an integral part of people’s lifestyles and as a fulfilling career, enabling it to become a voice for national pride and heritage locally and internationally.

  • In Licensing:Ensuring world-class protection of the creativity of music professionals and driving the highest quality standards.