Music Commission opens registration for National Music Band


The Music Commission started receiving online applications from musicians and instrumentalists wishing to join the Saudi National Music Band, from 8 to 19 March 2020, via the e-platform, auditions will be held during the period 25–31 March. The names of those chosen for joining the band will be announced on April 3.The Music Commission’s initiative endeavors to form a Saudi National Music Band on scientific bases. The band members will be trained and qualified so as to represent the Kingdom locally and internationally in music events and functions.Conditions for entry in the auditions include that applicant’s age must be in the range of 23 to 50 years, has music experience of at least three years, should be able to play the main oriental “Maqamat” (the system of melodic modes used in traditional Arabic music), and be able to play and perform collectively within a music band.The applicant must also record a two-minute video of himself solo playing the instrument he is good at and upload it onto the e-platform.The stringed instruments allowed for participation are the violin, viola, cello, double bass, lute (oud), dulcimer (zither), guitar and bass guitar. Among the wind musical instruments, it is allowed to use flute only.The Saudi National Music Band, whose functions are supervised by musician Dr. Abdulrabb Idris, will represent the Kingdom in regional and international events. It will also support and empower Saudi talents, consolidate Saudi musical heritage and present it to audiences worldwide.The band is deemed one of the initiatives announced by the Ministry of Culture within its package of initiatives to support the Saudi cultural sector.

March 8, 2020 - 12:00